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Kőris-hegy HA/KD-001

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I activated HA/KD-001.


Car to Bakonybél


  • FT-891

Antenna system

  • Vertical random wire antenna
  • 9:1 UNUN
  • LDG-Z100Pro antenna tuner

WX conditions

  • Extremely windy
  • 9°C


  • Test out the fishing rod antenna with the 9:1 UNUN
  • Test the new plastic go-box
  • Test out my regular laptop as station computer

The hike

Ready to go

I started the walk from 47.25575, 17.73630. I could park my car next to the road, near the starting point of the trail. The hike was easy, though the pack was very heavy. I definitely must change the battery. I took trail straight to the top.

I walked fast. The reason is maybe that I could position the backpack in the right way, or the fact that I took a power bar.

The last few hundred meter was very steep, and there was a fallen tree log blocking the trail. I could only cross it by lying my belly on the top and push my legs to the other side.


There was extreme wind on the top. I could walk in T-shirt, but I had to put on my sweater, and the raincoat. I missed gloves.

The view from the top was great.

view from top

view from top

The operation

I went to the top of the look-out tower, and installed my antenna there. I met a few biker guys on top. I explained the radio stuff them. I have to say this was very pleasant. They immediately realized that it is something good if the whole GND infrastructure goes out in a disaster.

The station assembly went smoothly. The new go-box is really cool. Everything connected, just need to screw in the antenna. However, there are waay too many cables. I don’t know if I shall cut the power cable of the radio.

The antenna system was put on to a test. The extreme wind made the fishing pole bent.


The base was well fixed.


The station put together, and ready to operate.


I operated mostly on 14MHz PSK, because it was so cold I could hardly hold the laptop, not to mention the CW paddle. I made two SSB QSOs too. Note my water tank operates as a stand for the rig. :-)

This site has a locator also.



It was a good activation, I made several QSOs, and the system worked fine. I had a bit of an SWR, because the tuner was unable to cope with the wind turning the radiator away. I shall consider putting the radiator inside the pole.

I really like the voltage and the temperature measurement feature of my go box.

go box

On the way down I took some stunning photos of the sunset.