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Went to Montreux


  • Start: 2021-09-05
  • End: 2021-09-11
  • Transportation: Car
  • Accommodation: Camping Le Bivouac
  • Equipment:
    • HAM rigs
    • Bike
    • Hike rigs


  • Activate SOTA summits
  • Ride around Lac Leman (Skipped)
  • Visit Annecy (Skipped)
  • Visit CERN (Partially done)
  • Test new equipment
  • Have a good time :-)


Started on 2021-09-05, and spent one night in Munich. Arrived to the camping at around 2pm local time. The trip was okay. Switzerland is beautiful. Put up the tent, and had some food. I had to see if my radio equipment works, hence it was just put together, but not tested. I test the equipment on the evening.

Rocher de Naye and Geneve area


I went to Rocher de Naye with the cog-wheel train. Originally, I wanted to activate the summit, but I was missing some cable, so I just enjoyed the view.

After I drove to Geneve, and see if CERN is still there. :-) It was. :-) But there were so many changes since I visited. The train goes from the center to CERN.



I packed up my HF radio, and activated the HB/FR-033, Niremont summit. It was a very long hike, took me about 3.5 hours to get there. I started from downtown Les Paccots, and took a route to Niremont.

I then activated the SOTA summit.

Bike tour


I took a random bike tour. I parked my car also in Les Paccots, but this time, not in the center, but near the forest. I then cycled to the wild.

I’ve got a free intense cowbell concert at the end. I don’t really understand why the add cowbells to the cows. It is very loud. I think a small radio transmitter would do the job. I’ve read that predators can easier find cows with cowbells, but there are nothing there up there. It is a monoculture after all. All you have is grass, and cows.

Gruyeres and Le Moléson


I took a car trip to Gruyeres. I went and see the small village, but I didn’t go to the castle as I was inside before. I had lunch in Gruyeres, and on the way back, I visited Le Moléson. This was the best part of this tour.

Trip to home


I woke up early, and drove 1200kms to home. This time, I didn’t stop at Munich. The trip was very cool. It was a test if I can drive that much at once. It is good to know that I can do such long trips alone. I only stopped for gas.