I have several computers.

Main desktop workstation

My main computer has allways the name jive. I named it after the type of dance I really like to do. This has two displays. At the moment this a ThinkStation E30. I did some woodwork to have a computer stand for it.

The final touch of the computer stand.

...and the final setup. Please note that the pen box is really a cover of the ST-225 MFM HDD.

Under the computer, the ugly white box is a power supply for my HAM equipments.

The computer in the workshop

The old Jive became the new computer in the workshop. This computer served about 10 years without any major failure. I can recall one tiny downtime, when a SATA cable was broken. It served me well, and it continues to live in the basement, but still operational.

I really felt something proud, or honor when I decommissioned it from being my main computer. I take it apart to pieces and clean it, and assemble it again.

The computer is named after a Roman God Saturn.

The old jive (now saturn) under the new stand for the new jive.

I use this computer to do firmware development in the laboratory. I was really going mad with the old PC, as it was a Pentium IV, and was not capable to cope with new giant softwares.

The server

The server looks very ugly, as I don't have the time to clean it. There are two UPSs down there. One exclusively for the server, ant the other is for the rest (ADSL modem, and the Ethernet switches).

As of writing this article, it has exactly 100 days of uptime. :-)

10:36PM  up 100 days, 9 mins, 1 users, load averages: 0.19, 0.07, 0.04

It runs FreeBSD. The hostname of the server is chacha. Also named after a dance I like.

It has several tasks:

In the rack there is also some Ethernet switches and a patch panel.

The laptop

I have laptop computer for mobile operations. Nothing special. It is a standard Lenovo low-mid range with i3 CPU.