Austria 2017


Australian Pink Floyd Show

I spent this day by packing and loading the car, and traveling. On the day I arrived in Vienna, I had two hours for site seeing, but I didn't make it to the center.

I visited the Stadthalle, and watched and listened the Australian Pink Floyd show. That was fantastic. Although they didn't played one of my favourite song (Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun), they played nice. Other odd thing was that they didn't introduce the band members.


Traveling to the area of Bad Ischl. This is a very nice place where you can relax. I've got there few hours early, so I was on my bike and visited the area. I made to the Wolfgangsee, and back. It is the beauty of nature that really what I travel for. I haven't even got the key of the apartment but I felt already that it was worth the 500km driving. The hills are beautiful.


For the first real hiking, I wanted to do some warm up. So I chose a lower hill called Bürgl. This is a SOTA summit OE/OO-428.

The weather conditions were not optimal. There was light rain, and the whole thing was misty. It was very hard to find the path to the hill, but I finally made it. The way was extremely dangerous. The path was very slippery, and narrow. There were places, when there was only 20 cm to place my boots and then a wall. The next thing which could stop me falling was 10-15 meters down.

The last 100meters was really off road. There was no path whatsoever, so I crossed nature as it was. On the top, there was a place with few rocks on top of each other, and a wood in the middle.

Unfortunately I couldn't make contacts because the weather. However I made a decision that I continue with my SW RIG project. The other outcome of this trip was that nowadays touch screens are useless in rain.

So this walk made my appetite for higher mountains.

After the walk nearly all my wears were wet. On the way to the 'base camp' I thought there might be a hair drier I can use to dry my clothes. All I find was a vacuum-cleaner. So I managed to make it dry my stuff.

Bad Ischl and Gspranggupf

Before the hiking, I went to downtown Bad Ischl. It is a nice little town.

The intention was to clime up to the summit of OO-067. The weather conditions was a bit tough. All the way there was light hail. Only 5mm in diameter, but I had to wear eye protection. It wasn't as bad as the rain day before.

On the way up, I saw this waterfall:

At 800m ASL there was constant snow on the ground and the hail on the top. I often lost the trace, because it was invisible. On the GPS track I could recover where I was exactly.

At 1100m, however, almost at the crossing, I faced 1m snow. Without special equipment, I was falling into the snow, and it was extremely hard to move forward. I had to leave the path to find some route where I don't have this height of snow. I drifted away a lot, and I thought is not a good idea to go straight. So I made up my mind and returned.

After leaving the place I was thinking about coming back here when the weather conditions are better. I must return here to actually make it there.

Swarzensee and beyond

This was a beautiful day. The Sun was shining all day. So I took the bike and visited a lake near by. There was a small confusion about the road that is okay for bikes. But after a few short detour, I was on the way. The road was very steep. I found a waterfall in the way, so I visited that too.

On the way there I took the road on the West side of the lake. It was already very beautiful. The ice just started melting on the surface.

I continued to the North, but again at 1000m ASL, I faced snow. I met two local guys with real mountain bikes, they went towards. And, I have to admit I was very tired at that point.

It was worth to turn back. This point was the best view of the tour so far.

On the way back I took the road on the East side of the lake. The view was great.

Mondsee and Eibenberg

This was my last day. The weather remained fine, and so it was the last chance to activate a summit. I learned that with my current equipment and condition there is no way to activate a summit over 1000m ASL.

My best bet was Eibenberg at 928m ASL. I drove with the car next to Mondsee, and parked there. It was an easy ride after all, the trail was okay.

After reaching the top, I turned on the radio. Very quickly, I made a QSO with DF9ME/P. He was also activating a summit, and gave me summit identifier of DA/BM-008 which is strange, because, according to sota data there is no such summit. The partner gave JN68OT as QRA, where only one summit existed, which is DM/BM-012. Beside the confusion, it was a nice QSO. Over 100km with a handy transceiver. I've heard other Germans, but they couldn't hear me.

The view wasn't so good, but the area was relaxing. I've managed to use my gas cooker to warm up my food.

After eating I continued with my QSOs. Unfortunately there were no local HAMs operating in the 2m band. I realized that I should bring a shortwave setup next time. Luckily, however I got three other QSOs with local stations next to Mondsee and Wolfgangsee. So I got the four QSOs to activate the summit.


All in all, this week was good. These tours were short ones and it showed me that I spent too much time next to the computer, and not going to the hills. I have to spend more time hiking. For me, it was a great comeback to the mountains. I remember back in 2005 when I went to the top of Matterhorn. It wasn't an easy task, but it went better. I consider this as a reborn, or a spring of spring.

So... more of this must be!


I made a small video out of my shootings. Enjoy!