A day in life of Hephaestus



Hephaestus is a Greek God of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, and fire. (Source: Wikipedia)

He lives alone, far away from others. He has a workshop, where he creates magnificent devices. Nobody rally knows what is he all about. Nobody really recognize his work, nor gives credit to him. When something breaks, people (even Gods) cry out, screaming for help. After fixing the problem, Hephaestus is forgotten. He doesn't care about his look. He is in love with Aphrodite, but, She loves someone else.

The day

Last night he had lot of work so he woke up late. After the morning meditation, he chats with one of his students over Facebook, and teaches her how to solve quadratic equations. She notes that she can't pass the class unless she writes yet another test.

All the pellet was consumed by the furnace, and the house got cold. He goes down to the basement, refills the container, and notices, that only two sack left. Ignition, and the fire is burning, Hephaestus is happy!

He wants to do the washing, but soon realizes that the water doesn't run in the house. This is a cold winter (-15°C), and the tubing outside must be frozen. He dresses up and grabs his propane torch.


Ignites the fire, and melts the ice in the tube. Goes back to the house, and the water runs again.

He then grabs some food.

He starts working on the current project of his. After some hours in the workshop, one of his tools stops working. The Dremel 3000 doesn't spin anymore.



The Dremel 3000 and a few of its parts. Background: The manual SMD pick and
place machine.

Hephaestus suspects, that the power control circuit failed. He solders the unit to have better contact. After assembling the device, it still doesn't work.


Next time he measures the resistance of the stator of the motor, and... got ya! ... One of the coil is torn. Hephaestus realizes that the real cause of this failure was a bad design. Sigh... It wasn't a real Hephaestus, who designed these connectors.


After fixing the torn wire, and assembling the tool, it spins again.

Meanwhile, Aphrodite (after one month with no communication at all) drops a message, that she goes dancing, she wants him to be there too. Hephaestus thinks, "This this must be fake". (This is a quote from this video: Teenage dirtbag baby )

Late afternoon, he orders a pizza.

He texts back to Aphrodite, that he picks her up, and takes her to dance.

Okay. Pizza is in the belly.

On the way to the Party Aphrodite tells him that she got together with another guy. He reacts quite naturally, as he knows the rules.

At the party he meets up Kriszta, from Trója. He also speaks with Hera (Héra Szilvi). Aphrodite lefts early, Hera declines the offer from Hephaestus to taker her home. At the end he goes home alone. Starts over.