About me

This is my first try to get drupal to work. Many thanks for Gabor, who pointed out that Drupal is something good.

Dear visitor,

Just hang around here. As I stated, this is just the begining.

I hope you'll have an enjoyable stay on my website. If you like it, (or don't) please let me know. I really want to have emails from you... well don't want to be spammed, but I like peaople, who write.

You can contact me at: leventelist_at_gmail_dot_com


Music and sound

My experience tells that Music is one of the things given to Humanity to survive life in good mood. I think Music plays a key role in life. I think the best one should do is making Music. It doesn't matter what on what level.

I play the keyboard, guitar and flute. We have a band with my friends.

Thnak God, I'm singing again in a choir!

Beside the Music, Imake sound equipments as well. That includes power amplifiers, crossovers, attenuator, etc.

More to come, stay tuned!

My backpack

People allways ask: "Levente, come on... what do you have in your big backpack?" Really. It is reamarkable frequency that people ask this question. That includes parents, friends and others as well. That made me think that people are really interested in

What is really in my backpack?

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