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The SOTA go-pack

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Portable QRO HF radio station.


  • FT-891
  • LDG Z-100Plus


  • Home made El-Key paddle
  • USB soundcard
  • Isolated audio interface
  • Coax cable
  • Ropes, carbiners, screwdriver

Power supply

  • 20Ah Lead acid battery. This is very heavy. I’m gonna change this.
  • DC Distribution box. It is now integrated into my go-box.
  • 50Watts solar panel (Planned, ordered)
  • 10Ah LiFePo4 battery pack (Planned, ordered)


  • Home made FD3 with 4:1 BALUN
  • Home made 16.2m length random wire with 9:1 UNUN
  • Home made 7.6m fishing rod vertical with 9:1 UNUN (Same for the 16.2m)

I usually use the 7.6m fishing pole with the 9:1 UNUN. However, I always pack up the 16.2m wire. The radiator can be connected easily to the UNUN.

Go pack

Most of the items are packed together in a box. I added a voltage and a thermometer to the box. With them, I can monitor the system voltage, and the ambient temperature. The measurement subsystem can be switched on or off with switch. This whole pack can fit into my backpack.

go pack

The measurement subsystem in action. CW paddle on the left.

go pack metrics

It reads 12.8V system voltage, and 9.6°C ambient temperature.